As a shy kid growing up, I became even more in tune with social fears when I had kids of my own.

So I originally wrote the poem to share with Jake and Sydney when they were little. The fact is, fear never goes away, especially when you find yourself in the battle against cancer, as I find myself now. Everyone experiences moments of fear and trepidation. There’s a Mouse in My Pocket gives us a bit of courage to get through those challenging moments, accompanied by an assuring rodent and the knowledge that we are never alone.


About the Author

Jack Sichterman is a professional writer and entrepreneur based in Westlake Village, California.

About the Artist

Jean Sichterman, Jack’s mother, is an award-winning artist based in Northern California.


Thank you

Beyond the obvious physical and mental toll of cancer, we also face a real financial hardship that serves to add insult to injury. Our friends and family have suggested a GoFundMe page, but it is important for us to offer our supporters something with value rather than simply asking for money. We think There’s a Mouse in My Pocket delivers on that in ways that are hard to put a price on. The book and pin are our thank you for any donation you can provide, thank you for your continued thoughts, prayers and support.